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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Forget hybrid cars, where's the flying saucers ?

An interesting fact: the US military since the 1950s have been using and developing fully operational "Alien Reproduction Vehicles", flying saucers that use anti-gravity technology and zero-point energy devices (that produce more energy than they consume). As the name suggests, they were modeled after extraterrestrial vehicles. Yes, sounds like something out of a movie (i.e. Independence Day), but I feel convinced that this is true. The person who convinced me of this is Dr. Steven Greer, who is an expert at the military cover-up of information about extraterrestrial encounters and technology. He established the Disclosure Project, who have presented quite a case to support this hard-to-believe story:

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

I mentioned this to my room mate, who is interested in solutions to environmental problems such as global warming. I noted that zero-point energy is not being considered by large-scale organizations who are working on environmental sustainability, and it seems this is because they all have ties to government and/or corporate interests that will do everything in their power to suppress this information. Zero-point energy solutions would loosen the powerhold of the oil companies, and completely decentralize energy production. This is the agenda of AERO

Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), Inc. is a new research and development group formed to develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies. It is our goal, utilizing a unique strategic approach, to bring forth these new environmentally sound technologies to replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and ionizing nuclear technologies within 20-30 years.

The Orion Project has responded to this proposal as such:
We are a non-profit 501c3 foundation dedicated to transforming the world's energy/social crisis into a world of healthy, sustainable abundance. Our goal is to inform, educate, and help supply all peoples of our planet with sustainable, non-polluting power. To accomplish this task we are searching out and supporting the development of new, clean energy technologies that can bring this vision forward in our world now!

I wasn't able to articulate this information very well to my room mate, but he made a stretch and assumed it was true. From this assumption, he made a very interesting point: providing the world with free energy in our current economic climate would likely accelerate the consumption of other resources such as water. This is because it allows us to more readily extract and process those resources for consumption. Although I don't feel capable of defending this position, it makes complete sense to me. It became clear to me that zero-point energy solutions, unless paired with economic regulations, would be a bane to our planet's health, and not a boon.

....but just imagine, a world without cars, a world without roads... it's all within reach...

Community grocery store update

Well, it has been many many months since I've written anything on this here blog, and I thought I good way to break the ice would be a completely impersonal but important note about the possibility of a community grocery store that has been in discussion and investigation since the close of the Loeb on Booth St. I have been doing a bit of volunteering for these folks and I look forward to opportunities to get further involved. Particularly, I think the experience of helping to set up a co-op (one discussed possibility) would be a valuable one. If you're interested in food security in the Chinatown region, I recommend getting in touch with Heather, who's contacts are listed below.

Hello Somerset West Community Grocery Store Supporters!
Many of you have been inquiring as to the status of the Somerset West Community Grocery Store and we would like to provide an update, as many things have been happening.
Firstly, the feasibility study is complete (thank you very much to all volunteers!) and the Executive Summary of the report is available at If you would like to review the entire study please email or The feasibility study concludes that a small grocery store (between 4,500sq ft - 6,000 sq ft) is financially viable in the community. To understand the methodology please read through the feasibility study document.
As a result of the positive feasibility study, the community grocery store Advisory Committee met with a number of potential community partners in March. The objective of the meeting was to explore opportunities to partner and use the old Loeb building space for a community grocery store, plus additional community programs and small businesses. Those in attendance took a tour of the old Loeb building, spoke with the realtor and got a sense of the work required to make the building safe and useable.
Currently, the potential partners are reviewing their interest in partnering on the project, and the advisory committee are reviewing the opportunities and challenges presented by the old Loeb building location and structure. The potential partners and advisory committee members will be meeting again in the coming months to propose the next steps.
We thank you for your continued support and interest. We will continue to send out updates as we progress through this work. We will also plan a community meeting in the coming months and will let you know when and where it will be held.
Just so you all know ... my role as a consultant on this project has ended, however Just Food has kindly provided me some time to work on this project until the next project phase is reached. Therefore, I will be able to continue communicating with you all. If you have any questions please let me know - and please use this email address as opposed to my previous yahoo account.
If you would like to be removed from this email distribution list please reply with your desire to removed.
Heather & the Community Grocery Store Advisory Committee

Heather Hossie
Just Food/Alimentation Juste &
Savour Ottawa/Savourez Ottawa
613-236-9300 ext./poste 305 &

Monday, December 3, 2007

Update of notable points

Well, it's been a long time since I blogged, so I thought I'd lay something down to keep in touch cyberspatially. A bunch of non-related points to describe some notable things in my life :

  • Since our cat Minu got picked up by some vigilante pound person right in front of our house and subsequently euthanized, we have a new cat Woody, which my room mate picked up from the Humane Society. To be honest, I like Woody more than Minu. Minu was not the brightest cat, and not so friendly either, although she did have a cuteness about her which I did love. She would only eat wet food, which I resented because I had to smell it every morning, and it made me want to barf. Woody on the other hand, is pretty energetic little creature. He just gobbles up the attention when you give it, but doesn't every demand it. And he eats dry food, yay!
  • I went to go see a circus show called L'Arche 2 weekends ago at the new environmentally-sustainable circus arts centre in Montreal called TOHU. The show was quite visually stunning, as it had two layers of animated projections, one on a transparent screen in front of the performers, and one in behind them, which I thought was really neat. The acrobatics, juggling and clowning was pretty impressive as well. But there was one thing I felt a little bit disappointed with, which was the way in which the thematics of the show, that is environmental destruction/restoration, was conveyed. First of all, it didn't seem to have any clear commentary on this complicated issue, it was more just a mirror of our current situation. I guess I just feel like: because the circus arts have such a captivating quality to them, that they have great potential to be used to convey ideas that will empower humanity to create a better world. I'm not convinced that anyone walking out of that show would even think twice about using plastic shopping bags at the grocery store, never mind take action to solve any of the larger patterns of sustainability in our society.
  • Lately I've been watching some really interesting documentaries which have profoundly shifted my sense of awareness. I hope to be blogging them in the near future.
  • My life is slowly acquiring a sense of ritual. Particularly, I've been working to be more conscious of how I begin and end my day. One of the simplest and most practical parts which I'm still working to make automatic is authoring and noting plans for the next day before bed, and acknowledging those plans when I wake up. I consider engaging the imagination in activities to be done "in the future" to be somewhat akin to "time travel". Maybe I'm just trying to make duty more fun...
  • On Saturday, for the first time ever, I set up a stand at a craft sale in the Rama Lotus called "Caravan Bazaar". I was offering handmade juggling balls and batons, or roley-poles as I like to call them. I also set up "The Playful Geometer's Mini Mobil Spacecraft Gallery", a coat rack decorated with some of my geometric 3D art. I provided some magic tricks for the kids. And for the adults, I was hosting a show called "Channel 64: The Sage's Word", that is, providing the service of I Ching divinations. The night before the sale, I stayed up really late crafting the batons and juggling balls (which I find to be quite pleasant work). I was hoping that I would sell some, but I didn't so in that sense I was slightly disappointed, but through this experience I learned some of the things I did wrong: I refused to label the items with a price tag, I left my station unattended quite a bit, and in general didn't make myself out to be genuinely interested in making money from the event. I did manage to get one commissioned spacecraft job, which was a first. And I also got one opportunity to practice my Channel 64 act. I'm not so sure doing divination in such an open atmosphere is a good idea, it detracted from the focus. Next time I need to make some edibles too, like some raw dessert balls and baked squares (or cubes, rather). Even though as a business venture, this didn't pan out as well as I had hoped, I had a great time, especially in freely entertaining the youth there. I love independent marketplaces because they are a fusion of social and economic exchange. I hope to be a part of this atmosphere more often.

Friday, November 2, 2007

UN sponsors the criminalization of basic nutrients

So, I was browsing through the Google Video documentary section, and I came across this video about Codex Alimentarius, a legal code which would basically makes high levels of nutrients in food illegal, and out-and-out criminalize certain vital nutrients and herbal suppliments. If you have 2-10 minutes, I highly recommend informing yourself about Codex by checking out Health Freedom USA's Summary of Codex Alimentarius and further materials (this is equally relevant in Canada, as we are a member of the WTO, where the code gets it's leverage). If you have 40 minutes, check out this extremely compelling speech given by the Stop Codex campaign leader entitled

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

I Concerning Codex Alimentarius in Canada, I found this article written for Vitality Magazine. As it states, currently KOS Publishing is hosting a campaign against Codex in Canada inside their "Make a Difference" section.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My workshop at unSCHOOLING OPRESSION conference

I am sooo excited about the upcoming unSCHOOLING OPRESSION conference on November 5-10. The summary reads:

unSchooling Oppression is both a critical examination of the various forms of oppression within traditional schooling models and a hopeful exploration of liberating educational alternatives.Six evening presentations will feature speakers on a broad range of topics, each concluding with a period for questions and discussion. Subjects shall include the historical roots and purposes of traditional schooling; power, authority and oppression; institutional violence; systemic racism; freedom and deschooling; alternative models for learning; and much more. The speakers will be traveling to Ottawa from around Canada and the USA The conference will also include a series of daytime workshops organized by members of the university community and local organizations on various issues that they consider relevant to the themes of education as oppression, and education as liberation. The conference will conclude with a caucus, wherein conference attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm together a way forward in applying some of the ideas presented during the conference. Our goal, as conference organizers, is for this event to catalyze a new movement of projects and campaigns here in Ottawa to directly address the issues presented. We hope you can be a part of this.

For more info, see their blog and Facebook event. I will be giving a workshop on Wednesday, the details:

Healing Oppression with the Circus Arts
a peaceful and creative approach to physical education
Wednesday November 7th
1:30-3pm @ U of O's Institute for Women’s Studies (143 Séraphin-Marion), room 205

A workshop on the value of the circus arts as a non-authoritarian, non-violent, self-directed, and creative form of physical education. First I'll tell you the story of how and why I got into the circus arts. Then I'll talk about why we should challenge sports as the predominant and sometimes only model for physical education in schools. Then, I'll share some of the benefits of the circus arts, and lastly, I'll give a little interactive demonstration where participants can learn how to juggle,play baton, and spin poi.

This topic is very important to me, and in fact, sharing physical creativity is how I intend to make a living eventually. I'm applying for the YMCA's youth entrepreneurship program to realize this intention (whoo-hoo, I could get paid a decent wage to realize my dream of getting paid to play). Because this venture would be a sole proprietorship, I don't feel like staring a business is against my political views because profit only comes into play when you start making money off of other people's labour. Maybe one day my project will outgrow myself, and at that time I could help start an edutainment co-operative, but first thing's first...

Considering this, I've decided to do some in-depth research on the topic. I have bookmarked the links in my unschooltalk tag, so for more background info, check it out.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Healthy food for kids

A week ago I was in Mark Laham's Yin Yoga class and I was really feeling it quite intensely, but what gave me and even stronger and longer-lasting emotion was something that he said about the youth of today and their unhealthy lifestyles when he was talking about his attempts at teaching some teenage boys . I'm not really exposed to these children who have grown up in what I consider a "toxic culture" very often anymore, so it's not in my face very much, but I often feel this extrordinary weight of knowing just how unhealthy our society has become. With recent stories in the CBC news like School food not making the grade, says report I think it's pretty obvious that the toxic culture has run wild. One of my goals in life is to share information and practices with youth that are healthy and empowering (i.e. the circus arts and eventually, yoga).

Healthy food is and interest of mine as well, and I feel blessed have had parents that were health-concious. So, when I saw the episode of one of my favourite podcasts ever, Deconstructing Dinner, entitled Organic Daycare, I excitedly queued it up as the soundtrack to my dish-washing session. I was quite enspired by the featured initiatives (described on the page), especially that of the Alligator Pie Preschool program, where young children were taught how to grow organic vegetables, and how to cook them, with guests from various cultures explaining how to cook the dishes from their respective homelands. Ahhh, I love it ! It's very much akin to this idea I had of creating some internet videos where I would be a kooky character that would teach kids how to cook healthy meals. Due to my high standards, I've decided to put this one on the back burner, so to speak, until I learn more about acting (and cooking), but it may just bubble up in the future.

But for now: parents and caregivers, if you're looking for a great place to introduce your kids to healthy food, the Simply Raw Potlucks are very child-friendly place to start, and the next one is a Halloween costume party !

Conspiracy theory .... what's the use ?

So, after writing about the conspiracy theory story, I was feeling rather vulnerable, considering that this blog is connected to my Facebook account, and even my mom reads it. Also, I am working to become a child care giver, and I don't want parents to think that I'm going to "brainwash" their kids; I want to be as honest and upfront with parents as possible about the values I am willing to impart, and I never wish to betray their will towards their kids. I have no desire to convince children that the world is a scary evil place that's out to get them. In fact, I'm a rather strong believer in "pronoia"(coined by John Perry Barlow, founder of the EFF) and exemplified in Rob Brezny's book Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.

But, here, I'm not looking to deny my belief in such theories, but maybe just give them a little contex. I still hold to the belief that certain conspiracy theories have truth in them (for example, the theory that our government is dumping loads of wierd chemicals into our air supply using jets that cast what are known as "chemtrails" seem undeniable after watching the movie Aerosol Crimes).

Rather, I ask myself, what is the use of entertaining these possibilities ? Well, I think that one reason I might want to entertain them is to prove that our government is not to be trusted, and that we as a socially responsible people need to invent new ways of organizing our society. For me, that means building communities that are more self-sufficient. So much of our time and our needs are tied up in our governments and the global economy, and to me that is a precarious place for those people -- many/all of which I love -- to be in. That is because I believe that our governments and our economy are unjust and unsustainable. To entertain the notion that our economy is unsustainable, one might want to watch Money as Debt, or even The Money Masters (which I haven't got to yet).

BUT, it occurs to me that rousing people to take action our of fear, using scare tactics, is really an attempt to enslave minds, to convince them that there's no other choice if we want to survive. And that will ultimately lead to the same situation which I am attempting to overcome, that in which citizens do not have control of the decisions that are being made on behalf of us. So with that, I'd like to entertain some inspiring realities out of LOVE for their manifestations....

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